Soungui Koulamallah is an Ottawa based personal trainer with a passion for health and wellbeing.

I aim to motivate, inspire, and guide others on a path to developing a healthier lifestyle that feels good and brings long-term fulfillment.



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I have been working with Soungui for around a month now, and couldn’t be happier with the decision. I have wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and focus on my physical and mental well being for a while now, but have lacked the motivation. As of now I am truly getting into the routine of training and taking care of myself better, and it is truly enlightening. Soungui is a very motivating and respectful person. He truly has the passion and drive that has been helping achieve my goals. He is not only focused on the physical exercise, but also on people’s overall health in every aspect. I have noticed that he is very attentive with the tracking of progression, and is very focused on doing whatever is best for the individual to help them achieve their goals. I am very happy with the decision I made to work with Soungui, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to achieve better overall health.
— Justin Perron
Past mistakes have stopped me from moving as far forward as I can. Motivation and right mindset were what I was lacking and I did not know what to do. Little did I know that registering with personal trainer Soungui would help me not only take a step forward but a leap towards a goal I had set since high school which is to play basketball. I am given the perfect and best consistent training that allows me to adapt the intensity of each workout which of course gives me the right energy to push me forward. I will definitely keep training with him and I highly recommend him as a coach, and I’d like to thank him personally because now I am getting that drive and tenacity I use to have. Gaining it back one step at a time.
— Joshua Dixon
My experience with Soungui was great! I did at least 5 sessions with him and i saw improvement in my explosiveness and balance. I also gained some knowledge on how to feel better and get better physically. Overall, Soungui has much to offer for his clients to achieve their goals and dreams by being an exceptional motivational trainer.
— Georgio Badr
It’s a blessing to work with Soungui, he definitely encourages and pushes me to reach my goals and maximize my potential. Looking forward to future training sessions. Great person and trainer.
— Joseph Banze
Best trainer out there ....not even close!
— Sami Elmasry
Training with soungui was amazing! Not only did he make sure we were pushing ourselves and using the right weights, but he is also a motivator. He made sure we didn’t quit and we pushed ourselves as hard as we could. Sometimes he also did the exercises with us so we can use it as a motivation. That shows a lot of character for a trainer.
— Johnny Hanna
Since I started training with Soungui, I have always had a good experience. Firstly, Soungui has always been really nice to me and everyone during the training sessions, and he always encourages me to push myself. Secondly, I find that the workouts are really entertaining and I like the fact that it changes every training session, so it isn’t always the same thing.
— Jeanne Ferland
Soungui is an amazing trainer. It has been four months since my partner and I have been doing “couple training,” and he has been diligent at helping us reach our goals. Under his guidance, we have seen significant changes in our flexibility and strength. He is attentive, courteous, punctual, but most importantly he is a great source of motivation, couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer.
— Jo & Christian
Working with Soungui has been amazing! Not only am I healing my body, but I have noticed so many changes in my life as well. He is very compassionate , understanding and motivated. I feel comfortable working out for the first time in my life. I am so inspired and very grateful!
— Megan Driskell
Soungui Fitness is the best fitness trainer in Canada without exaggerating!!!

Your goals become closer every time you enter the gym doors, you feel better physically and mentally and you can have discussions about anything with Soungui. Soungui Fitness is truly more than a room full of weights, it became home, a place where everyone can better themselves, a place of LOVE, HARD WORK and ACHIEVEMENTS.
— Lanmoukaji Lozis Saint-Vil
If you’re unsure of where to start or embarrassed about your fitness levels or even just looking for guidance, you have come to the right place.
Soungui provides motivation and direction from a place of compassion and a love of helping others improve.

This immediately drew me in.
His passion for fitness, his encouragement, his ability to turn small accomplishments into big deals and his warmth as a person keeps me coming back.
I see myself getting stronger, getting more in shape, making better choices and holding myself accountable when I hadn’t before.

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself; Soungui can help with that.
— Chelsea Driskell
I started training with Soungui at Soungui Fitness for almost 2 months now and I knew he was the guy to help me reach my goals! He’s pushing me to go harder and improve every day we train and that’s what I love about his program! In only 2 months I already see the improvements! If you’re looking to achieve any body/strength/cardio goals Soungui Fitness is definitely the program for you !
— Ben Bikamba
Soungui is a really great trainer for helping you to achieve your goals. I started off with only one session and decided to add more sessions with him and I’m getting results. I recommend him without any hesitation!
— Maxime Gagne

Feel Good. Feel Healthy. Feel Better.

Get ready to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Achieving a healthier lifestyle means that you feel good Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.


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